A Brekkie Parcel



Gluten Free (GF)

Low Carb (LC)

Rest day for Cycle 2 (C2)



(Please edit to your macros)


150g Turkey mince (P)

30g Onion (V)

75g Mushroom (V)

1 egg & 1 egg white (F)

Sliced Courgette (GV)

Sweet chilli sauce (S)



Pour some oil in a pan along with the Turkey mince, and then add the onions and mushroom.

While the above is cook, mix the egg & egg white into a bowl and pour some oil into a large frying pan. Once the oil is hot, pour the egg mix into the pan. This will cook like an omelette, but thinner resulting in an egg wrap.

Once all this is cooked, place the egg wrap carefully onto large plate and cut into 6 sections (like you would pizza). Then lay it so the point of the triangles are facing outward (you should have a gap in the centre).

Then get your meat mix and create a ring of meat all the way around on the wrap.

Finally, get a point of a triangle and wrap it inwards, wrapping over the meat ring, work you way along and do this with all triangles, creating the effect in the above picture.

Enjoy with a bowl full of green salad (GV) and Sweet chilli sauce (S)

 Other suggestions

  • You can lay a slice of courgette on each triangle before wrapping them round to add some green veg
  • You could use a ring of  chicken sausages instead of the meat



(GF) – Gluten Free

(LC) – Low Carb

(P) – Protein (Meat/Fish etc)

(V) – Vegetable portions

(F) – Fat Portion

(GV) – Green Vegetables

(S) – Sauce

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