Scotch Eggs


Gluten Free (GF)

Low Carb (LC)

Rest day for Cycle 2



(Please edit to your macros)


150g Turkey mince /Heck (GF) Chicken Sausages Heck (P )

30g Onion (V )

couple of handfuls Sesame Seeds (1/2 F )

1 Egg (1/2 F)



Boil the egg in hot water from the kettle for 5 mins.

While egg is cooking, place the meat and the onions in a blender.

Once egg is boiled, run under cold water to carefully peel the shell off.

Get you mixture into the palm of you hand, placing the egg in the middle and mould the mixture around your egg, into a large circular ball.

Sprinkle your sesame seeds all over the outside, they should stick to the meat quite easy.

If you do have issues, try dipping it in flour and egg before sprinkling with the seeds.

Then pop in the over on a baking tray for about 30/40 mins on 180oc


Enjoy with a bowl full of green salad (GV) and Sweet chilli sauce (S)

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