2017-02-11-19-02-57Gluten Free (GF)

Low Carb (LC)

Rest day for Cycle 2 (C2)



(Please edit to your macros)


150g Turkey mince/Beef mince (P)

15g Onion (V)

30g Mushroom (V)

60g Tin Tomatos (V)

Italian herbs


Tsp Tomato puree

40g Mozzarella (F)

130g Sliced Courgette (GV)

Sour cream (S)



Pour some oil in a pan along with the Turkey/beef mince, and then add the onions and mushroom.

Once these are cooked, stir in the tin tomato, herbs and tomato puree.

Lay a thin layer of the mix into a lasagna/oven proof dish. Then lay the sliced courgette over the top of this. Follow by another layer of the mix and again the sliced courgette. Follow this method till your out of mix. It should roughly be about two or three layers, ending with the sliced courgette on top.

Finally sprinkle your mozzarella on top and place in the oven on 180oc for about 20 mins till the cheese goes a nice crispy light brown.

Enjoy with some sour cream on top.



(GF) – Gluten Free

(LC) – Low Carb

(P) – Protein (Meat/Fish etc)

(V) – Vegetable portions

(F) – Fat Portion

(GV) – Green Vegetables

(S) – Sauce

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