Butternutty Burger

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Gluten Free (GF)

Low Carb (LC)



(Please edit to your macros)

Grate 1/2 a butternut squash (v)


180g Beef mince / turkey mince (P)

2 eggs (P)

30g onion (v)

sprinkle of  Italian herbs

sprinkle of  Garlic

sprinkle of Steak pepper herb

Mozzarella (F)




Mix your meat, onions, 1 egg and herbs into a bowl.

Then split into two circular shapes  onto a baking tray. Tip: push down slightly in the middle of the burgers with your fist. This stops the middle rising so high when cooking.

Cook these 0n 18O0c for 20-25 mins till cooked.

While the burgers are in the oven cooking.

Mix the butternut squash, egg together and split into four. Place them into a frying pan creating circular shape, not making them two thin though. Cook on a low heat. You will see the egg starting to cooking and when it does, flip it over carefully and cook the other side. Repeat till you have four circular pieces butternut squash frittatas.

Lay on a plate, one butternut squash frittata, some lettuce, tomato, a burger, sprinkle some mozzarella, sauce of your choice (greek yogurt if being healthy) and then another butternut squash frittata. You make need a stick to keep in place.


Enjoy with a side of sweet potato fries of see my recipe for garlic and chive chips 



(GF) – Gluten Free

(LC) – Low Carb

(P) – Protein (Meat/Fish etc)

(V) – Vegetables

(F) – Fat

(GV) – Green Vegetables

(S) – Sauce

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