Why the Bodycoach 90 day sss plan?

2017-02-18-19-51-21‘Don’t blame the world for your problem, Its your problem, so you are the only solution’

This quote is one of my all time personal favourites, its actually stolen from the great girlie film “Bridesmaids,” but shhh i’m going to claim it for now .

You see in 2016, i look back thinking why did i waste so much time, looking, wishing and shall we say sitting. Scrolling through Facebook obsessed with three main things.

1 – Joe Wicks, but who wouldn’t be

2- A group called A big girls journey to lean

3 – a very inspirational women Angela Cox.

They are all linked to the Bodycoach 90 day sss plan, which for whom some of you don’t know is a personalised 3 month food and exercise plan to help you get that lean figure we all dream off, well i do anyway, hence the obsession.

I came about the plan in Feb 2016 in another group on Facebook, but Angela loved to share her story. Please don’t get me wrong we all enjoyed seeing it because the transformation was Incredible and i mean INCREDIBLE!!! Not only in her figure but you could see her mindset, positivity and energy change. Like its mental we have never met this lady but everyone  loved seeing her journey and the vibes she gave . Angela then decided to set up her own page, which obviously i joined straight away, In fact i left the other group. People started to share their own results, tips and daily challenges. An Admin team was gradually set up too, to make sure all post were kept positive, yes there are still negative jealous trolls out there i’m afraid.

Now 6 months later in July, Yes i did say 6 whole months, i decided to move my fat ass of the chair and eyes away from my phone. I did a month of following the diet principles in Cycle 1(low carb) and the exercise of cycle 2. The results i saw was changing my body to one i loved. However, I soon failed and gave in, yep you guessed it an excuse is coming – but i honestly was working every hour under the sun. PROMIIIISE

By the time December come, i’d had enough!!! i have seen a lady gone from a size 18/20 to an 8; YES AN 8!! I dream of that, and i’m only a 10/12! Therefor, I looked at my famous quote, which is posted on a lovely heart pin bored in my kitchen btw, and thought i’m just going to do it. SIGN ME UP!!!

My problem was? i wanted to get lean.

So my solution is for me todo something about it.

Like? Just one last thought…I could of been lean by now and its 3 months out my life.  So i’m going to finish 2o17 being Miss lady lean!

Oh and if this does happen… there will be a lot of thanks to Joe, BGJTL and Angela

To see me through my solution please look out for updated blogs of this journey.


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