Cycle 1

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Well that went quick… how the hell are we passed January already!!?? 30 days gone and dusted! Ill be lean before I know it at this rate!! This is 100% NOT a diet!! Let me reassure you!!!

Cycle one (month one) consist of low carb meals three times a day, plus two snacks. You have to do 5 x 25minute HIIT sessions a week. After your workout you can have a refuel meal instead within 60/90min after, that consist of adding a carb to your meal! YES CARBS!!!

“The best thing is, once it’s all done, NO more cooking for the week, you have a clean kitchen and you defiantly will stay on Plan.”

I got in a routine of doing my HIIT sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning doing Joes Facebook live bootcamps, this enabled you to have a refuel breakfast. I would then do HIIT Sprints on a Tuesday and Thursday evening to give me a meal with huge love of mine potatoes, hence these hips I’m trying to loose!

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One of the things the Bodycoach advice’s to do is PREP. This means cooking all your meals for the week ahead, it helps you stay on plan, batch cook and cut costs. This is something I have loved for many reasons, the main one being it simple fits into my lifestyle. I am someone who likes a routine and take advantage of the little spare time I have, which this helps with. I tend to do my plan and shopping list over Saturday morning breakfast, followed by a shopping spree to Aldi and Tesco for food and B&M for a stock up of Tupperware! You will need plenty of them trust meee! I have manage to cut my cooking time over the month from 6 hours to 2/3. The best thing is, once it’s all done, NO more cooking for the week, you have a clean kitchen and you defiantly will stay on Plan.

So now your thinking, Ok great but what was her results?… weeeeeell drum role please….

I lost half a stone and 9inches!!

I was so pleased! I was more bothered about the inches than the scales but hey i’m defiantly not complaining!!! Overall, I loved this cycle. I think it personally showed to others too. I couldn’t stop raving about how good I felt and the energy I had. Don’t get me wrong there was times in week 1 I felt hungry but that soon passed, and times in week 3/4 I was like why am I seeing no change, but it is totally normal! You will see this so many times and people tell you to trust the plan!! BUT DO!! TRUST THE PLAN. When you see the results and take the images is completely different to your mind and how you feel.









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