I QUIT…Cycle 2!!!

2017-01-30 22.40.00

Wow, what a contrast this is to a month ago on cycle one!! I couldn’t rave about the plan non stop and now I just hate it!!! OK, hates a strong word! And NO WAY am I coming off the plan. I’m just feeling deflated and bit pooooo lets say! I was going to do an extra week of Cycle 2 due to the sick bug I had, however I cant take anymore so I have decided to submit my results a few days early but let me explain why?

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.43.23.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.43.38.png

Check out some of my “pix and mix” meals for Cycle 2 here

Cycle 2 has a “pix & mix” approach with its food. You get a list of Protein, Veg, Carb and Sauces plus not forgetting your green veg. It consists of 4 training days following a 20 min HIIT workout along with weights sessions targeting different areas of your body on different days. This cycle then enables you to have carbs, yes CARBS with every meal on training days! Daunting right?  This is so the muscles will start to form. I know carbs are not my friend but I said I would TRUST the plan, and I still DO trust the plan however carbs are now my worst enemy!

If you have read my bio you will see I am a Ceoliac sufferer. Meaning I can’t eat gluten or Oats. Over the years I have adapted my diet to generally not eating as many carbs, as it was cheaper and easier. However, as the end of 2015/2016 I lost track of my diet and was suffering with flare ups for months. Back in July 2016 I decided to go clean,  and to my surprise the psoriasis cleared up with in days. It was the first time it came to my attention that my diet plays a big part in this.Ill be honest with you all, the carbs and psoriasis issues didn’t really cross my mind  when signing up for the plan, as I had got used to my life without many carbs and better skin.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.43.56.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.43.48.png

Check out some of my “pix and mix” meals for Cycle 2 here

So, what happened? In cycle one I had a few carb meals mainly consisting of potatoes with the odd bagel. In cycle 2 however I have had pasta, rice, bread up to 3 x times a day. Within day one, i was hit by the famous carb bloat, along with a skin breakout, which I thought was normal. While I was sick this cleared up a bit, but then got worse again as soon as I was back on plan. It then escalated, and my skin broke out in rashes and blisters, and I was very lethargic with a lack of concentration. It was like I was having a reaction similar to gluten. It then all dawned on me, its the carbs.

I have contacted my support coach for advice, and they said my decision is fine either way (obviously in a lot more depth). I cant put myself through any more pain and discomfort. This is supposed to be a lifestyle change and this is not one I want. I think cycle 3 will suit me much better from what I hear so I’m not going to quit.. only cycle 2 (a few tiny winy days early). I’m not going to give myself a few days off either, ill do a few low carb detox days until cycle 3 hits my inbox. I am still  in the process of getting to the bottom of this, either its a carbohydrate issue or someone mentioned it could be grains, which to be honest does sound more likely, due to adding the grains in cycle 2 more.

I am really grateful for the Bodycoach to actually make me fully realise there is an issue here and its just part of my lean journey. It will hopefully help me get to a better, healthier leaner lady soon enough!!

P.S. Don’t forget to check back for my Cycle 2 RESULTS!!!!





2 thoughts on “I QUIT…Cycle 2!!!

  1. I had similar issues myself on c2 so i went the same way and bailed on it as soon as i could! I’m now d2 of c3 and feeling leaner and happier and my skin hs already cleared up loads! I guess Carbs just aren’t for everyone! Good luck with c3


    1. Oh that so good to hear!!! I don’t feel as bad now. I love that this cycle has made me realise how awful they are when indulging so much! Maybe that is why they really make us eat so much of it haha!!! Good luck with cycle 3 🙂


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