Just my luck!!! I was on C2 day 11, and for the first time throughout the plan I decided to have a treat!!! It was like Christmas had come early. I was going out to a dessert place for a friends birthday. When you are a coeliac, desserts is one of the hardest areas, so you can imagine my excitement,  when there is options on the menu!

To be truthful with you, I’m more of savoury girl (in fact potato, I LOVE POTATOs) Hence the hips. Although, OMG get me a chocolate hot brownie and Ice cream in my belly!!!!NOW!  Im drooling over this as I type! Just look at the picture below and your be joining me!! And yes guilteeee that is also a chocolate milkshake you can see!!

2017-02-12 15.06.46Then KARMA hit, I was driving home and felt like I could of fallen asleep at the wheel. I thought it must be that I have detoxed my body and its thinking “what is she poising me with.”. I also started to have a coeliac concern of thinking, was this brownie actually gluten free. Then lightening struck and the toilet became my best friend. I hardly slept for 24 hours and started to think “rely is this my punishment’ although I defiantly didn’t need to feel guilteeee for eating it anymore

After two days of this sickness, and knowing it was not a gluten reaction. I decided to contact my Support coach, for those who don’t know what one of these are; they are there for you to contact on the 90 day sss  bodycoach plan for advice, tips and guide you throughout.

I explained my situation and she said not panic, just get back on plan from where you left of as soon you can. She explained my muscles wouldn’t work in the correct way if  my body wasn’t 100%. So even though it was so hard, I just rested it out.

I ended up having a sick bug that is sweeping the UK, mosts school are  even being warned and can last up to 7-14 days. I had it for officially 7 days. And I am back to C2 d12 🙂

There was one good thing from all this, and that was how great I was feeling from the plan, the energy and control I had over my food. It has honestly changed me in 5/6 weeks. When I went to cook some soup (yes I cant even eat the tinned soup) I followed my Cycle 2 allowance, it just comes naturally to me now. And when I was informed of eating dry toast, rice, a pasta! YES ALL CARBS! I panicked. Even though I was so empty and weak, knowing I was eating carbs and not exercising was a really hard battle to come over! But I knew I had to do it in the end, to get my strength up and back on plan. Soon i’m back on, the sooner i’m going to be lean!!

The final battle was, would I easily get back on plan. I decided to get few bits in from list and if I was able to eat, ill cook something up. But instead i ended up batching and doing a good prep, I just cant help myself. It’s so weird how things change you, but this is 100% been a lifestyle change 🙂




One thought on “SICK NOTE!!!

  1. Aw, I’m so sorry that you got sick – especially when you got sick because you were treating your self! What a horrible treat! Hopefully you feel better soon! xo, Stephanie


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