Carb Swaps


A few years ago when I became a  Ceoliac chick, the first panic was what was I going to eat, and in fact as soon as everyone finds this out about me, they think the same. Let me tell you now; I EAT!!! Kiiiiinda hence this lean journey.

It took me a few years to train my brain but I naturally have a list of low carb/Gluten free foods in my head that I swap our day to day foods with. Plus coming across The Bodycoach plan I find it really helps when planning my low carb meals. Therefor I thought I would do a swap chart on how my brain naturally thinks, hoping it can help yourself and others naturally do the same or simple just use it as a reference guide.


I will keep it updated, as I learn new alternatives and will link through to examples of recipes when uploaded.

Bun/Burger Bun
Courgette fritters  or butternut squash Fritters
you can also try Mushroom, tomatoes or even avocado just simple cut down the middle in half

Finely Grated Broccoli or Cauliflower

Spiraled Courgette or being lazy just grate it

Lasagna sheets
Thinly Sliced Courgette or egg layers

Egg wrap
Egg pancake/wrap can be used for wraps, enchilada, tacos or even a Pizza base/lasagna sheets or try out my Breakkie parcel

Lettuce leaves

Pizza base
Courgette or Cauliflower


Pie top
Courgette slices, Suede and Carrots, Butternut squash, Sweet potato (HC)
This does depend on the what filling your pie has – E.g, Courgette compliments a creamy white sauce pie, Suede and carrots would suit better a beef and gravy pie.

Suede and Carrots, Butternut Squash

Cut a cucumber in half

Jacket potato
Aubergine or Peppers stuffed

Egg white
On top of a lasagna crack open some egg white and back it! A great Cheese alternative

Batter mix
2 eggs and one banana

Sesame seeds

High Carb, Gluten-free alternatives

Naan bread
Pitta breads fried with a bit of garlic and coriander

Tortilla wraps or Lasagna Sheets baked in the over

Pitta bread filled up with your favorite pastry filling





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