Things I learnt from The Bodycoach Plan!

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Are you thinking of doing The Bodycoach plan? Sat for months, weeks or days looking at other peoples results on Instagram, comparing yourself to a body that is similar to yours, thinking OH that could be me. Well just STOP! Instead just go and sign up. You will get so much from it. You have probably tried so many diets like Atkins, Juices and Shakes, weight watchers you name them. We’ve all have had a go at one or another, but then going back to square one again. When people say the bodycoach plan is a lifestyle change, it’s the honest truth. Check out the #90daysssplangraduate and your see most of them are still doing it one way or another.

What you need to know before you start

  • You need time to plan and prep
  • If you prep, you will stay on plan for the rest of the week
  • tubblewear will become your best friend
  • Throw away the scales and get yourself a tape measure and take pictures in the mirror! The results will shock you!!
  • Get yourself an instagram account – great for motivating you, with cycle 2 and 3 meal ideas and just simply helping you stay on track!
  • You can do all the workouts from home if you have the space for some equipment
  • Learn to love your greens, but remember to be creative, don’t have them on the side, just add them with in your Chilli or curry and the taste disappears – also a half a courgette is the same weight as bags full of spinach!

Things I learnt from the bodycoach

Be creative with your meals

Be creative with your meals, don’t be afraid to have what you fancy and adapt to your food allowances and measurements – if you fancy a burger!! HAVE ONE! Bread, mince, onions, cheese its all on the list! Nothing stopping you from missing out! I love Chilli and Nachos, always have!!! I was craving it like mad! So I used my good old friend google for low fat nacho ideas – and walah I found you can turn cheese into nachos – I know its sounds weird but OMG I had it for a week and it was all in my pick and mix allowance!

Get an instagram account

Set yourself up an Instagram account.

  1. It helps you keep note of what you are eating and your progress.
  2. Do it together with others, there will be many other people starting the plan when you do, its a great motivation seeing others going through what you are, there is nothing better than supporting one another
  3.  Follow other motivational people, there are some great people on instagram to help support the bodycoach plan. Some of my favourites are –  @coxange78 Angela cox is an inspirational graduate to others and creator of A big girls journey to lean@temp_tation if you just want a daily laugh but also how you can still have a great social life on plan, @healthier_leila for learning just to love yourself, @theleancook is great for many food ideas, @charlieroofroof to keep you head up high, when your having a bad day oh the list goes on!! oh and don’t forget mine for your 90 day planner to help you stay on track throughout the plan @ladyleanuk (may have to do a separate blog post on instagrammers to follow)
  4. Look out for fitness events and attend, you will find an interest in fitness and why not share that with similar minded people, this is a lifestyle change remember not a 3 month diet!
  5. Finally, follow the man himself Joe wicks @thebodycoach – he motivates you to keep going daily, plus he will post when he is doing live workouts! These were my absolute fav! Did them daily throughout Jan!


Prep like a boss

This I would say was the biggest lifestyle changer for me, I don’t think there are many weeks in 2017 I haven’t prepped. Believe it or not before this plan, I couldn’t stand Tupperware or reheat food, I don’t know what it was just always struggled with it. Now i don’t know who that person is! Tupperware is on my weekly list thanks to BnM (ok i still cant manage to reuse) but Sunday evenings I will have the batch cooking on the go! I went from 6 hours to just leaving it in the oven in a casserole dish!! Plus the benefits of this are: no cooking in the week, clean kitchen 6 days of the week, no washing up, more time for working out ( there really is no excuse) and the best thing is you stay on plan and look and feel great! Now you tell me what is there not to love!

Chuck away the scales

We know this is one of Mr wicks favorite line, but you cant fault the guy! Hes right! I reached my smallest clothes size in years, however have weighed less in the past. I saw muscles I never knew I had and love it. Its so important to take the pictures, measure your inch loss and check out for NSV (non scale victory)

Weights are a girls best friend!!

Girls are lifting weights more than ever these days, the fear of weights make you look like a man is just FAKE NEWS! I don’t think there is one person i’ve seen on this plan that hated the weights part, I preferred it more than the cardio in the end, still do! I loved seeing how much effect it has on your body so quickly and the challenge to lift stronger weights each week. The good thing about the plan it is shows you two different techniques, making lifting more fun.

Never compare your progress

One thing I’ve always been guilteee of in my life is compare my body to others. Remember though not two humans are the same in this world (well unless your identical twin I guess) but everyone’s body reacts differently to everything, for instance I cant eat gluten and you prob can.  Its the same with everything else in our body, we are going to react different. I was guilty at first, i was finding people with similar shapes to hope I go like them. What am i kidding myself, once i learn’t the above and i compared my progress to my own body I realised that it’s what matters, and its a good improvement on what it was and heading in the right direction. Also a massive pointer is some see results in C1 more and some in C3. The different cycles are for you to learn which cycle works for you as everyone has different reactions remember!

To find out more or to sign up to the Bodycoach plan click here


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