Hi, welcome to Lady lean. This blog is for me to share my Journey on getting lean. You may ask why do I want to get lean? Well…. the truth is, it’s just a personal ambition of mine. I have had a long bad relationship with food until 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. You could say at this moment in my life food was my enemie, but somehow we are stronger than ever. I love experimenting with recipes on a day-to-day basis, adapting them so they are gluten-free and low carb.

Now, people assume before you are diagnosed with coeliac disease you lose loads of weight, but nope you guessed it; unlucky me this didn’t happen, the weight just kept piling on no mater what I was consuming. Hows that fair right? So over about three years I have actually lost three stone. To be honest I wonder myself how its gone and where, but I know deep down it due to the clean foods I’m consuming, and hey, I’m certainly not complaining that’s for sure.

Therefor, it’s now time for the next chapter of my journey; to become ‘Miss Lean’.  I also want to learn about nutrition, macros and re-fueling my body. It something I’m really interested in, therefore on the 1st January 2017 I started the Bodycoach 90 dayss plan, and this is what really lead me to start this blog Lady Lean.

Before I let you explore, let me ask you one final question; Do you have one of them friends constantly bombarding your feed with food pics? The answer is probably yes, and well that friend is me! However, the truth is my instagram followers, friends & family  are always intrigued to know how I make my day-to-day low carb, gluten free recipes. So I’m taking the plunge to share my recipes, along with my post about my journey. Plus with the name ‘Lady lean’ I have no excuse now but to live up to name!

Now go and enjoy cooking, oh and wish me luck!


Zoe x

P.s. I am no professional or nutritionist and all Bodycoach recipes are just a guidance for you to adapt them to suit you.